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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

These are commonly asked questions that we've tried to answer here.
If you have a question that's not listed below, please let us know. Thanks!

Q: What are the three primary benefits of using document wallets and wood cases to deliver financial papers and insurance policies to clients?
A: Referrals, Referrals, Referrals. When you extend yourself and demonstrate that you appreciate a client's business, they will thank you in return by giving you more referrals.

Q: Why should I use personally engraved client nameplates?
A: We have surveyed our customers during the past two decades and 92% of them feel that delivering financial documents and insurance policies in a wallet or box that has an engraved client nameplate reflects the strength of your personnal commitment and that the individual is a valued client.

Q: What is the difference between the Expanded Document Wallet and the Value Line Document Wallet?
A: The Expanded Document Wallet line is constructed from heavier gauge material in traditional business colors, has a spine that allows the wallet to hold more financial documents (ideal for multiple insurance policies, etc.), has extra sheet protectors, and twice the number of rivets. The Value Line Document Wallet is available in both traditional and designer business colors. Both the Value Line and the Expanded Document Wallets come with free personally engraved brass nameplates.

Q: What is the benefit of helping clients organize their financial documents?
A: When you help clients to organize and file financial records, you help define additional areas of need. As a result, document organization helps to create cross-selling opportunities. In addition, clients recognize that by bringing structure to their financial organization, they feel more secure.

Q: What is the difference between the Boxes by Pandora Financial Documents Metal Strong Box and the Financial Documents File Box?
A: The former is for more secure storage (protection from low heat and water) and the latter is for organizing financial documents by subject. We developed both for different purposses but we provide a Financial Document Reference Manual and Guidelines Chart with each item.

Q: How effective a marketing tool is Foil Hot Stamping?
A: We recommend foil hot stamping because it is one of the best marketing methods of carrying your firm's name, logo and/or message to clients. Boxes by Pandora has the press equipment to foil hot stamp at a very reasonable cost. You pay a small one-time fee for your die, and then a modest set-up and imprint fee for each item we foil stamp. It's as easy as that.

Q: Can any title or information be Foil Hot Stamped onto the Two-Pocket folders or are there only a set number of titles available?
A: We can produce custom Two-Pocket Folders with any title or firm information you wish Foil Hot Stamped on them. Our folders are perfect for seminars as well as client meetings. And, while you're at it check out our personalized firm "Planning Pads" as well. They are a great client motivator.

Q: In addition to Financial Document Wallets and North American Cherry Document Presentation Cases; which of your other products do clients appreciate receiving?
A: We hear this question frequently from our customers. We have found that financial service professionals have repeatedly ordered the Executive Stationary Box (with personalized French fold notes), Golf Ball Case, Pro Tour Case, and Bonded Leather Boxes with hand bordered correspondence note cards. All seem to be big hits with clients.

Q: How about product samples. Does Boxes by Pandora provide samples of it's product line?
A: Yes! But for certain products. And, like all of our customers, we appreciate referrals. So here's how it works. Send us a referral of a financial service professional you know and/or work with, and when they place an order we will send you a free sample Value Line Wallet or Deluxe Wallet with your next order. We'll also provide you with a free personalized engraved client nameplate. Just click here, fill out the contact form, and we'll take care of the rest. In the "comments" field of the form, please add your referral's information, and state which sample product you would like.

Q: If a product comes in several different colors may I combine all colors and take advantage of a products quantity discount pricing?
A: Yes, absolutely. Many Boxes by Pandora products are offered in a choice of colors. You may select any product and add up the total combined number of colors for the quantity discount for that product.